How To Buy Products From Aliexpress In Pakistan

Import AliExpress Products in Pakistan

We regret to inform that due to COVID shipping are delayed from AliExpress, causing customers satisfaction problems. If you have any further query, please whatsapp at our official number. 03111 725 464

How we Facilitate you to Buy From AliExpress

Gifty.PK facilitates our customers by providing them an easy solution for their AliExpress products need. As an online store we try our best to provide our clients with best out of the box products, but still, human need is great and it's not easy for us to provide every product to our customers. Therefore we are providing AliExpress products in Pakistan for our customers on cash on delivery(*). You want to know how Gifty.PK processes your order from AliExpress to your doorstep. It is very simple and straightforward. If you are dealing with us for the first time, let us explain everything to you. We process your order right away.

  • Search product on
  • Copy product URL and customization requirements and send to us through our form
  • Keep checking your email for our customized reply for the product including cost and delivery time estimates.
  • If you agree to our price and time, reply to our email.
  • You will receive an email with confirmation.
  • You will receive tracking details of aliexpress product.
  • Once the product arrives in our office, we will ship to you ASAP.

Note: There are few things we do not Import. i.e: TV, Heavy Machinery, Weapons, Cell Phone, Batteries, and Magnets. It is mandatory that a Customer will have to pay 50% of Products amount in advance to confirm their order. Failing to do so will result in cancellation of the order.